Making The POND And Pergola
Step by step pictures of the Koi/Goldfish Pond. Most people think ponds are hard to keep. This has to be the most simple thing I do.. Yes you have to do some stuff but it is all simple. I going to have a blog about this shortly how to take care of the Pond. It is very enjoyable and relaxing to here the water trickle. One suggestion is to build it close to you home not in the middle of the yard.
Now the Pergola and a great place to also relax out in the back of the yard.
  1. Before
  2. The Start
  3. Putting down the tiles
  4. The finished product
  5. The Water goes in
  6. The Patio
  7. The Rocks
  8. The helper
  9. The Pergola
Tulips  are sping flowers. Tulips are bulbs which should be planted in September so they can bloom in the spring. You can also buy some already bloomimg in the spring and plant them.
Pansies are another Spring flower. Pansies love the cooler weather.So when the first sign of spring happens you can plant them. As soon as the tepmerature gets hot they are very hard to keep happy and it is time to replace them with the summer Flowers.
Planting spring Flowers
Planter and the ground
One of the best times of the year is Spring. I love planting spring flowers and making the yard look alive again.
You can plant both Tulips and Pansies in the ground or a planter but be prepared to replace or add new summer flowers around them when the are done. Tulips are not long blooming plants. They only last a couple of weeks. Pansies will last till the weather turns hot

Deck vegetable garden

An easy way to plant vegetables is to plant them on the deck. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that you do not have to dig a garden in your backyard which sometimes can be really hard. All you need is some posts. I also bought three three tier garden from Home Depot which gives you a lot of room to plant. The second reason is that you will have less animals eating your garden. I have a gate on my deck too which makes it harder for some animals to go on the deck. I also put bird food on the other side of the house to have all animals over there 

Types of Vegetables

I have many vegetables growing on my deck:
all types of spices...basil,oregano,parsley,Lemon balm.
String Beans

  1. Tomato plant
    Tomato plant
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Peppers
  4. Romaine lettuce
    Romaine lettuce


Climbing flowering in the pea family. Wisteria frutescens.

Wisterias usually bloom within 3 to 5 year of planting. Sometimes up to 15 years and I can relate to that because I did have one in my old townhouse that I never saw bloom. This one here is in my back yard and I was so happy that last year was the first year it bloomed but only a few blooms. As you can see here ther are many this year. They prefer full sun and moist soil. I have mine climbing up a trellis. They also have a nice fragrance and only bloom for a couple of weeks. You might even see more blooms in late summer again. I have not seen that.  This happens to be one of my favorites.

RE-Doing the side of the house

This was a big challenge but it had to be done . It really was a mess in the first picture . I took out all the DayLillies and boy did take a lot out of me . I only left in the Azelias. I decided to make a water garden and add some daisies and succulent  ground covering . I also added 2 summer blooms and a varrigated bush.