Alexis and Skip's Projects

In this sections you will see all of our project before and afters. Skips creations and my designs. Together we make a great team for the finished project.

Hallway mudroom

So everyone has that hallway closet that you jam everything in and can't even close the door. Well I was tired of that and needed a change. Skip and I designed a mudroom closet so I can put my everyday items there. It even has a bench so I can sit on to put  my shoes on and nice buckets to store other items .

 Making a lamp

Book lamp

This is a fun and easy project. I bought a lamp kit from Amazon for under 20$. I also bought the lamp shade on Amazon. They range from 5$- 30$. Now the kit came in gold so I spray painted it a rustic black. Then all you need are the books and to drill a hole through them. A vey quick and easy project.

Kitchen Remodel 

January 24, 2014

Summer 2017 my favorite remodel ever. We finally decided to rip everything down and re-do our kitchen. It really transformed into something great. We never thought that this small kitchen could get more counter and cabinet space by just moving and knocking down a small wall.
  1. Counter top Dark time to change
    Counter top Dark time to change
    Kitchen in good condition just wanted to make more open and bright
  2. Old floor
    Old floor
    The Living room and Kitchen floors not bad floors but just wanted different ones.
  3. Old cabinets and Counter tops
    Old cabinets and Counter tops
    The old kitchen looked so orange it needed a change
  4. More old kitchen
    More old kitchen
    Old kitchen clutter
  1. Easiest part of Demo
    Easiest part of Demo
    The wall came down easy
  2. Renovation Time
    Renovation Time
    This is probably the hardest time. Everything came out wow what a mess.
  3. Taking off drywall
    Taking off drywall
    Preparing for the brick wall
  4. Someone wanted to help
    Someone wanted to help
    Teaching the younger ones Dads trade